Tips on Traveling Lightly

July is here, which means time for summer jet-setting. Where will your travels take you this summer?

I fly often both for personal and professional reasons. I learned a lot of valuable lessons over the years, but two of my favorite tips are both simple and smart.

First, when possible, always carry on! I had two epic luggage disasters, one involving frozen fish in a suitcase conveniently placed atop my bag for six hours. Let me just say, it was not a great trip for the fish. Lesson learned. I now always prefer to keep my luggage with me. In order to fit all your items in your carry-on, try to plan your activities and wardrobe two to three days before you are set to fly. This will give you time to edit the clothing you plan to take and prevent you from forgetting essentials. Also, try to stick with similar colors and styles so that everything matches effortlessly. For shoes, I wear the pair that would require the most space in my bag. Usually that will be a dress shoe and for me generally a wedge heel. Wedges are beyond comfortable and more formal than flats. Bring a second, smaller carry-on bag like a tote and then tuck your evening clutch or mini-cross body bag into this larger tote. This will also keep your look pulled together! I keep essentials like my license, chapstick, and phone in the mini bag so I do not have to dig around for these items. The same rule applies for guys, a carry-on bag plus a briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack will keep all of your things together and give you a clean, streamlined appearance. Added bonuses for not checking a bag is keeping $25 in your pocket and avoiding the baggage claim!

My second tip is an obvious one, but so important! Bring your own snacks. Always. There were times when I was running late to catch my flight or delayed for hours on the plane, and as a result I didn’t eat for hours or ate something I would never normally eat. If you come prepared with snacks like protein bars, popcorn, cheese, apples, humus, and trail mix, you will have plenty of healthy and tasty options to get you to your next destination. Bring a few napkins and hand sanitizer along and you will be one happy passenger!

I am ready for my flight. I love wearing all black and lots of layers for flights. I like totes that are both light and sturdy, Kate Spade and Tory Burch are my go-to. My Kate Spade tote was a gift, but I love the playful phrase. I also recently discovered LAmade clothing. This brand is beyond comfortable, made of soft fabric with a sexy fit. This is also a great time to bring a cashmere sweater or shawl along with you for any changes in temperature. Happy travels!


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