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I love nothing more than a visit from family and friends. Having guests spend the night in your home allows for more time together. This picture was taken on a recent visit from two of my best friends. We were hanging out in the guest bedroom catching up on girl talk, then my two dogs decided to join in on the fun. My husband came in to check on the dogs and took a photo of our special moment together. This was probably one of my favorite memories of their visit.

Waking together to discuss the day’s plans over coffee in your kitchen or a late-night snack before bed are those special moments you might miss if your guests stay at a hotel. If you want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome, creating a calm space for them to stay is one thing you can do to ensure they return!

Here are my top four tips on creating a welcoming guest room:
1. Invest in a comfortable bed, beautiful sheets, and pillows. Yes, this can be expensive, but nothing is worse than sleeping on an old mattress with little support. For your sheets and pillows, pick a color palette that is soothing. For our guest bedroom, we selected two of my favorite colors, gray and purple. Together they are gender-neutral and work well together. Have extra pillows, blankets, and towels in the room, should your guests need to help themselves. A pillow top is also a great alternative to buying a new mattress.

2. Make space for your guests clothes and travel items. Buy a luggage rack or dresser for your guests to use. Make sure there are hangers in the closets and a lint roller in the room. Even if your second bedroom is a dual-use room, clean out all the non-essentials to optimize space for your visitors. They will appreciate the calm, clean space for their things.

3. Leave a few special, personal touches in the room to let your guest know that you have been awaiting their visit. For example, leave a personal welcome note in the room along with their favorite candy and magazines. Maybe pick a favorite picture you took together in a frame on the nightstand to make them feel at home.

4. Create a snack station. Just as many hotels offer water and snacks, do the same on a nightstand in your guest room on a beautiful tray. Leave a carafe for water, a few treats, and other items guests will love to use, but may have forgotten like ear plugs, an eye mask, personal products you know they use, and slippers. If you want to go all out, buy a Nespresso machine or Keurig for the guest room so a guest can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea alone while they get ready in their own space before joining everyone in common space to start their day.

I once read a tip suggesting you spend the night in your own guest room to help identify areas of improvement like the optimal layout of the room, drawer space, temperature, and noise.

I also would recommend this article from Glitter Guide. I think this is a great article and check list for you to do a few days before your guests arrive like opening the windows and spraying the linens with fabric spray. In addition to the suggestions listed in this guide, I would also recommend that you place local guide books and historical coffee table books in the room especially if you have out-of-town guests. Also, make sure there are plenty of clothes hangers and hooks in the room. Lastly, don’t let them forget their visit the minute they leave your house, pack up treats they will enjoy if they are flying home or on a long road trip home.

All of these tips will help make your guests feel at home and hopefully more likely to return. Happy holidays and hosting!

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