Holiday Gift Guide for the K9


I like to spoil my two little Schnoodles during Christmas. They are very good dogs and always make the nice list.  I usually buy them seasonal toys, new gear, and specialty treats. My sister owns a pet product boutique in Sea Isle City, NJ and she gave me a few tips on new products that would make great gifts for our fur-babies. Wrap these gifts up, but don’t put them under the tree until Christmas!

PLAY: Plush toys that your only dog can hear. You can relax while your little buddy squeaks away all night.

CLEAN: Wheat-free bones that freshen breath and clean teeth in many flavors your dog will love.

DRINK: Travel with your pup? These stainless steel water bottles open into a bowl for your dog! Genius.

MAIL: My dogs look forward to this once a month delivery from BarkBox filled with new products and delicious treats. Everyone likes a little variety! 

EAT: If you have a dog that eats too quickly, then these bowls are for you. The Dogit bowls have sections encouraging your dog to eat slowly and carefully.

DRESS: Get your furry friend in the holiday spirit with a quality seasonal collar

WEAR: On a windy day, put on this adorable quilted jacket and take a longer walk outdoors.

THINK: Treat your dog to an all-natural and organic treat that contains DHA, which supports brain function!

SNACK: Seasonal and festive treats that are all-natural, organic, and sprinkled with extra love in NYC. My dogs love the Elvis flavored biscuits.



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