Gifts for the Holiday Host

Are you staying with family or friends for Christmas? Well, you probably do not want to show up empty-handed. Of course, you can always bring wine and champagne to thank your host, but why not bring a gift they will really remember?

Here are three easy host gifts that will get you invited back!

1. Bring a Breakfast Basket — Pick up some baked goodies at a local bakery like a variety of bagels, scones, muffins, and cookies. Also, grab a pound of strong coffee to share.  Then add some fresh pears and apples to a beautiful basket (maybe lined with a holiday or red dish towel) and you will be thanked since you have tomorrow’s breakfast covered.

2. Seasonal Dish Soaps and Lotions — Bring cranberry or wintry scented dish soap and lotion to make doing the dishes a little more exciting. Then offer to help the host wash dishes or load the dishwasher while you are staying in their home. It is a little thing, but the thought goes a long way. Bonus, Williams Sonoma is offering 30% off seasonal scented soaps right now.

3. Give a Gift Card — Do you know where you host loves to shop or get a mani/pedi? Might I suggest on your way into town, you stop and pick up a gift certificate to their favorite salon so they can get pampered after the holidays. Or if there is a great local boutique or market you know your host loves then stop there for a gift card they can use in January to restock their pantry!

Any host gifts you have given that really wowed? I would love to hear your ideas for memorable host gifts. Happy holidays!


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