Peachy Peaches

I returned back to California from Washington, D.C. Tuesday night. Every meal I had Wednesday was take-out since we are moving and have nothing in the fridge. This morning, I couldn’t take it anymore and made a quick trip to Whole Foods for some emergency fruits, bread, and milk. I was making my way through the fruit and veggie section, when I spotted organic peaches! Who knew peaches were already in season?! And they really smelled deliciously ripe and ready to eat. This certainly made my Thursday.

I would like to thank Mexico and Whole Foods for bringing me beautiful, organic peaches in April!! I truly love peaches and my favorite way to eat them is simply sliced as a snack or with yogurt and granola for breakfast. For a sweet treat, you can half and grill the peach then serve with vanilla ice cream. For a quick dessert for adult guests that looks fancy, soak pound cake with a sweet white wine then layer sliced peaches, vanilla ice cream, and homemade whip cream on top.

Growing up one of my Dad’s friends had a peach tree and a pool in his backyard. I remember thinking how cool it was to have an entire pool to myself (or sometimes share with my sister). Then as we would pack up, we were gifted with huge, ripe peaches and I couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy them. Just wait until it is blueberry season, I also had a slight obsession with them as a child. Can you say cobblers?!

Which summer fruits are you most excited about? Any special fruit recipes that bring back great childhood memories for you?

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