Tuesday Shoe Crush

This week I thought I would return to a classic shoe. A stunning and timeliness black patent platform pump that you will never regret buying from Salvatore Ferragamo. These Pimpa High Heels from one of my favorite designers has a hidden platform, are made in Italy, and finished off with a grosgrain black ribbon bow.

A few years ago, I visited the outlets near Florence, Italy for some top designer bargain hunting. I was on the hunt for shoes and a new purse. I was thrilled to score two pairs of Ferragamo heels at the outlet and I have taken great care of them ever since. As in every time we have moved, I personally pack and move them, to ensure they did not get crushed or misplaced. My Ferragamos are comfortable considering the heel height and they were a really great find (since I have big feet!). I truly get excited when I wear them and am reminded of my romantic trip to Italy.

Ferragamo you found a loyal friend in me! Although these shoes are an investment, they are timeliness and will get a lot of mileage if you take good care of them. I am imagining these Pimpa heels now in my dream closet for years to come.

Happy Tuesday!



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