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Lobster and Clam Bake Essentials, Sur La Table

Hello Friday! I hope everyone is excited about this weekend, which brings us one week closer to the official start of summer!! Kids are getting out of school for the year and summer travel plans are taking shape.

This weekend my husband and I are meeting up with some friends, watching hockey, going to the pool for a relaxing afternoon, and grilling out.  I think we might even spend a day taking in some museums and restaurants in San Francisco. More exciting though, we plan to watch World Cup and celebrate National Lobster DAY! There is national excitement in the air because of World Cup! Do you have your USA soccer jersey? Sunday is also Father’s Day! How are you going to fit all this fun into one weekend?

Here are my ideas for a lively weekend:

1. Get in World Cup spirit! I never played soccer, but I can easily get into the games here with all the excitement and national pride. Games started Thursday, but you can watch matches all weekend. Not to mention the stunning setting in Rio de Janeiro. Check out the schedule here and be sure to cheer on team USA Monday.

2. Host a lobster feast for Father’s Day. Sunday is National Lobster Day and a great reason to make a lobster roll at home. Or take your husband/father/grandpa out to brunch to enjoy a lobster salad, lobster bisque, or lobster style Eggs Benedict. For additional lobster and clam bake inspiration for your home, see my picks above from Sur La Table.

3. Plan a local weekend road trip. Even if you have lived in your area for 20 years there are still local places for you to see and explore that you probably have wanted to visit, but never quite got around to going. Exploring your town helps you appreciate where you live and feel more connected to your community. Plus, it doesn’t take you much time or money to get there. So what are you waiting for?! Go!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Enjoy.

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