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IMG_1845 Kauai Babymoon

My husband and I went away on what some like to call a babymoon. This was our last tropical trip alone together before the baby arrives. We wanted to go somewhere relaxing and not too far from California. Kauai or Maui both seemed like good options, but we were able to find a great deal online for Kauai. Neither of us had been there for vacation and we liked the idea of exploring a new spot together.

The trip was exactly what we wanted, calm and peaceful days in picturesque settings and perfect weather. The salt water pool at the resort was a comfortable temperature you could walk right in. The ocean water was a bit more refreshing, but still nice. I loved that most of the food we ate was locally grown and organic, and the fish was freshly caught in their local waters. There are many wonderful places to hike and explore in Kauai, and we were able to drive around Poipu and Princeville. The other thing that really stands out for me about Kauai is that everyone we met was beyond friendly and kind. There really is a beautiful spirit on the islands that connects you to the local people.

We enjoyed two romantic dinners together. My favorite was our last night there, we were toasting to our trip and eating our appetizers as the sun set. We had a wonderful view of the mountains and ocean. We talked about our favorite things about our trip and we able to reflect upon our personal journey as a couple! I guess that is the great thing about sharing a babymoon, you can rest and get really good sleep, but also reflect on your past and look forward to your next adventure as parents.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our babymoon. Later this month, I will share my favorite spots in Kauai on the blog.


Kauai Babymoon IMG_1465 IMG_1476 IMG_1499 IMG_1504 IMG_1546 IMG_1829 IMG_1832 IMG_1851 Kauai BabymoonIMG_1860 IMG_1892  IMG_1901 IMG_1896IMG_1888

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