Celebrate National Pick Blueberries Day

Blueberries hold a very special place in my heart. During the summer, my grandma, my sister, and I, and sometimes one of my gram’s friends would come along with us to an orchard in upstate New York and we would spend an afternoon picking blueberries. This was hard work, but we took our time, eating some as we picked, and eventually filled our baskets with beautiful blue, plump berries.

We would then take home our bounty, wash them, and prepare a blueberry pie and blueberry crumble. Of course, grams would do most of the work, but we loved being in the kitchen and watching the pie bake in the oven. On nights we were not eating pie, we would also enjoy vanilla ice cream topped with walnuts, maple syrup, and out freshly-picked blueberries.

July 10 is National Pick Blueberries Day. Make time this weekend to pick some flavorful berries or even pick some up at your local farmer’s market and then make a delicious summer treat that will make everyone smile.


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