Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

I celebrate this day every year! Ha, more like weekly. My husband is a huge fan of the chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream so we have them around more than I would like to admit. Who am I to complain though?! 😉

It is nice to bake your own cookies, like my stepmom does often, to always keep the cookie jar full! I also like to find healthier versions of sweet treats like organic and vegan bakeries, which make the smart swaps for you, without you noticing a huge difference in taste.

Last year, I shared this post about my FAVORITE vegan bakery in Washington, D.C. where they sell a salty & sweet chocolate chip cookie. They are so delicious and I really miss these cookies in northern California.

In California, so far my favorite bakeries I have discovered are Edna’s and Buttercelli Bakeshop. Edna’s is available in our local Whole Foods, but also at our local farmer’s markets! Buttercelli is located in Sherman Oaks, in Los Angeles, but you can custom order vegan cakes and cupcakes for special events or just pop in for an afternoon treat.


This day of celebration actually occurs twice on the Food Holiday Calendar, once in May and again on 4 August.

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