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Baby Shower Games

I shared some photos with you of my east coast baby shower that my sister hosted for me a few weeks ago. It was truly a special day and I did not want the day to end! I was really showered with so much love and love for baby P. The nursery is really coming along now with all the beautiful books and gifts from my dear family and friends.

There were a few games we played during the shower that were quick, easy to play, and you don’t have to be a knowledgeable mom to be a winner.

Here are 3 games I recommend for your next baby shower:

1. Match the Baby Picture with Your Guests

Here everyone is given two sheets of color photos, one with current photos of everyone attending the baby shower, and the other sheet has baby pictures. This is a timed game and the person to correctly match everyone with their baby photo wins. Bonus, my sister made a photo copy of everyone’s baby picture for me to keep in the nursery and a magnetic frame. Especially touching since most of my family and friends live so far away.

2. Celebrity Baby Match

This game is so simple to play. Everyone is given a sheet with the celebrity couples on one side and celebrity baby names on the other sheet. The first person to correctly match the celebrity couple to the correct baby name wins. I thought this game was so much fun and even if people don’t know the baby names, it is cute to read all the trendy baby names.

3. Scratch Off Winner

You can personalize Scratch Off tickets from Etsy. Pass them out or place them under everyone’s plate at the table, have everyone scratch their ticket at the same time, and there will be one or two winning tickets!

Other baby shower games include baby word scramble, onesie decorating, The Price is Right baby items, baby IQ quiz, and baby mad libs. You can also ask which guest has a birthday closest to the baby’s estimated arrival date and simply give that person a door prize.

Baby Shower Cake Baby Shower Details Baby Shower IMG_0016

Some of the other details of my shower that just made me melt were the gorgeous cake, a French Macaron tree, my favorite flowers, and hanging baby clothes. Little onesies on hangers are just so cute and we even hung two little sweaters my grandma brought me from Ireland the year I was born. I wore these cable knit sweaters when I was little and it was so nice my mom saved them for me. We also had an open “photo booth” area, with props and I could have plenty of great photos with my family and friends. What a lovely memento.

Lastly, a what a nice additional surprise, was my sister had ordered personalized thank you cards. She then hand-addressed each card with each guests’ address and a stamp! How thoughtful and it made it super simple to write the thank you card. I always like to include a few photos of the guest in my thank you cards and that does take a few days to order, but worth the additional wait I think.

IMG_0145 Baby Shower Details

Baby Shower Photo Booth Props

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