The Stanford Football Experience

IMG_8601 Stanford Stadium

My husband and I attended the USC vs. Stanford game this past weekend. The day started off cool and overcast, which was exactly what a pregnant lady wants!

We arrived early enough to get a decent parking spot and avoided too much traffic. Parking was $20. We had a nice tailgate in the wooded parking lot. We enjoyed burgers and fruit, while listening to music with our new favorite Bose speakers. The Bose speakers were great for a tailgate! We then made our way to our seats before kickoff.

My husband purchased the tickets online and he didn’t disappoint. We had excellent seats, on his preferred side of the stadium to cheer on USC.

The stadium was impressive on the outside, surrounded by palm and pine trees. Inside the stadium, it looked like most seats were decent seats, as the stadium holds about 50,000 fans. There is not a lot of shade during an afternoon game, so we got up often to get more cold water and get out of the sun for a bit. One other recommendation, the seats are bench style seating, so you might want to bring a blanket or seat cushion.

If you didn’t watch the game, it was a nail biter! It was a very close battle until the very end of the game and although Stanford lost, it was a great afternoon!

Overall, it was great experience and I hope to return to another Stanford game soon!


Tailgating at Stanford

Stanford Football Game

Stanford Football Game

Stanford Football Game

Stanford Football Game


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