What September Means to Me


I have noticed the nights are a bit cooler lately and I enjoy wearing an extra layer on our evening walk with our pups. I do not even mind the fewer hours of sunlight slowly reducing day by day. I have been craving all things pumpkin and finding recipes for zucchini bread and chili. And can you say Pumpkin Space Latte?! Not to mention Trader Joe’s is now stocked full of your favorite pumpkin items. It also feels natural to add a little extra sprinkle of cinnamon here and apple spice on my oatmeal in the morning. Plus, this is the best time of year to go apple picking with your family. Besides seasonal foods, Sunday and Monday night football has returned and I feel like I am back on a regular schedule and routine.

Fall is my favorite season, which leads right into the holidays. September is so special as the weather slowly transitions and we spend more time at home. I especially enjoy September because it doesn’t require much, you can simply enjoy the month and changing season. It allows for you to slow life down. September gives you time to prepare for the busier months of October and then the big family holidays of November and December. I love the seasonal colors of September and the transition from hot days to cool nights.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, this month we had a very special wedding to attend in Lake Arrowhead. This wedding was for my husband’s best friend. They have known each other since they were babies! His wife to be is a perfect match and they are a lovely and adventurous couple. There are also many special family birthdays this month! My dad, sister, cousins, grandma, and many friends all have birthdays to celebrate this month. My sister also turned 30 this month. She is only a few years younger, but it is hard to believe she is now 30!

What are your favorite things about September? Do you have any September family traditions?


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