East Coast Visitors

My sister and her husband are coming to visit this week! We love having family visit and doing touristy things because this area is still so new to us. We have a nice itinerary planned with a mix of relaxation, think pool and spa time, and sight-seeing! We made dinner reservations, have tickets to the 49ers game, and have the house stocked full of coffee! We want to give them a taste of northern California, showing them some of the amazing places and things this area has to offer.

Being in my ninth month of pregnancy, I also get tired easily and can only do so much in a day, so we also have to be realistic in what we can see and be mindful of bathroom breaks!

I have a lot to do today to prepare. Groceries and last-minute cleaning to make the house just perfect for their arrival! I enjoy the mix of anticipation and anxiety, with a list of to do items, but as the hours go on that means my sister is closer to being here. She has never been to northern California and I know she is going to be in awe of the San Francisco skyline and the stunning coastal views along Highway 1.

Are you preparing for guests this fall? This is the perfect time to take inventory of your guest space and change out the sheets and pillows for the new season. Once October rolls around, it seems like the holidays creep up on you and you get short on time to properly prepare your space. Check out my repost with four great tips for preparing a comfortable space for your guests.


This picture was taken on a last year in our guest room with two of my best friends.

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