Happy Autumn {Pumpkin Picking in Half Moon Bay}


Farmer John's Pumpkins

On Sunday we went to Half Moon Bay and we were there to house hunt. However, as we were driving along to see the open houses, I spotted a colorful field with a huge variety of pumpkins! We just had to pull over to pick our perfect pumpkins for fall. I really enjoyed our experience at Farmer John’s Pumpkins and would recommend the spot to anyone looking for an authentic pumpkin patch. Farmer John is so kind and warm, and grows the pumpkins in his fields in Half Moon Bay. You will not find any food or crazy rides here, but if you are looking for beautiful pumpkins to decorate your home or porch this fall, this is the place for you!

I am a big fan of the Cinderella variety of pumpkins and white Lumina pumpkins. There were so many unique and beautiful varieties to select from, I had to stop myself from overfilling our wagon! I didn’t expect us to go to the pumpkin patch and was not really dressed appropriately. Had I know, I would have worn pants, layered tops, and my cowboy boots, as it is dusty in the patch and was a bit cooler in the afternoon. We had such a great time there, we stayed almost 45 minutes admiring all the pumpkins! We brought home five gorgeous pumpkins that make me so happy. We have them displayed on our dining room table and throughout the house for a warm, cozy fall feel.

Happy fall to you!

Farmer John's Pumpkins IMG_8782  IMG_8792 IMG_8784

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