California Girls

Yes, this happened last night. Seeing Katy Perry in concert has been on my 101 in 1001 days list, but I have wanted to see Katy Perry for a long time now! I am sure I was happiest and most-dressed  pregnant woman at the concert last night!

The show was beyond entertaining and clever. She had a cold, but still sounded amazing. She is a true California girl, full of life and a big personality. And her fans certainly did not disappoint either, they were dressed in colorful costumes, tutus, and wigs. Even the dads who were taking their tween daughters to the concert should have been impressed by the stage design and playful elements.

Our seats were on the second level, which worked out perfect. Since I am in my ninth month of pregnancy, floor seats might have been too much action for the belly. The pictures are a little hard to see, but you can get a feel for the wild costumes and set. I had such a fun night and would love to go again with a bunch of my girlfriends.

Total girl crush on Katy Perry!!

Katy Perry The Prismatic Tour IMG_8829 IMG_8816 IMG_8844 IMG_8822

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