Thoughts on the Last Few Months of My Third Trimester


Okay people. I am in the homestretch. I am more tired because I am not sleeping as well, but so excited and eager to meet our little one.

The crib is ready, the stroller is assembled, and the nursery is mostly organized and complete. The hospital bag is packed and waiting. We have taken infant safety classes and feel prepared to bring baby home.Since we are waiting to find out what we are having, some items will have to be purchased once the baby is born, but I am an excellent internet shopper! I already have favorites bookmarked waiting to order once we know if we are team pink or team blue. The most important thing though is that we have a healthy baby and a safe, loving environment for baby to come home to.

I was fortunate that didn’t have any major issues during my pregnancy. As for my diet, I had to add more iron to my meals or take iron supplements. As for workouts, they became more challenging as I got bigger, but up until the eighth month, I was working out 45 minutes 3-5 times a week doing my regular barre classes, lifting light weights, and cardio. Now that I am in my last few weeks, I have noticed both my energy and balance has definitely changed. Some days though, I have bursts of energy and want to tackle ten things on my list. I think it depends a lot on how well you are sleeping.

As a first time mom to be, here are my three tips for the end of your third trimester.

1. Eat Smaller Meals. I have not experienced heartburn at all until now. I found for me, I need to eat much smaller meals to avoid heartburn. Italian has not been my friend. It causes terrible heartburn. I have been craving simpler meals and light foods like fruit, salads, soups, and smoothies. You can make your own soups and smoothies at home and they don’t give you that overly full feeling.

2. Modify Your Workout. I am now more winded and definitely feel the pressure of the baby in my lower abs. I bought a belly band to help support the belly weight and it helps when I walk or use the elliptical. The best thing to do is just get out and walk as much as you can. Swimming is great too, but for me, being a swimmer for many years, I actually do not enjoy swimming while pregnant. Strange, but I just feel heavy in the water, not gliding along like I am used to.  I am still lifting weights though in order to prepare holding and caring for a baby. I am also practicing more balance exercises, as this will be the new norm in my life (baby on one hip, stroller in one hand, etc.). I do what I feel like doing each day and do not push myself at this point since I am so far along.

3. Give Yourself a Break. Your body has worked very hard over these nine months and you should try to rest and relax as much as possible. Put your feet up when you can. Read magazines and any final baby books in your free time. You might find at this point, you are more emotional, sensitive, forgetful, moody, and/or more expressive. This range of emotions happens and it is totally normal. Just embrace it now and enjoy the baby kicks because pretty soon you will be holding your little baby in your arms!

Also, try to remember to say thank you to those around you. I know I can be difficult and overly emotional now, but my husband has been so sweet and caring throughout it all. He continues to tell me how beautiful I look and that he loves seeing the baby bump grow. I appreciate his actions and words, and in turn I try to make sure I acknowledge how much it means to me.
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