Levi’s Stadium Experience – Go Niners!

Levi's Stadium - 49ers Game

Even though Rachel is wearing a terrible color shirt, we still look pretty cute together in the photo above. {Sister, you know I love you!}


Levi’s Stadium before kickoff.


On Sunday, we made our way to Levi’s Stadium for our first San Francisco 49ers football game. My sister and her husband are season ticket holders for the Philadelphia Eagles (my apologies, I know!) so this was a big game for our divided family.

You know we had a tailgate party and had plenty of time for friendly smack talking before the game. In the end, it was a battle and my Niners pulled through! I was on the edge of my seat though for most of the second half of the game. Here are some of my thoughts and observations about the experience if you plan to go this season.

– Cash parking lots are plentiful and it was pretty easy to pull in 2.5 hours before game time. However, most of the cash parking is on a golf course, which was once a landfill, and they do not allow open flames. Cops drive around on golf carts to remind tailgaters of this rule, which they may not tell you when you pull into the lot. So you might be hungry going into the game or worse get a citation. Plan accordingly or prepare food before the game which does not require reheating. Bummer, I know. I believe if you have stadium parking, you can use a grill on asphalt parking areas.

– Being that the stadium is not too far from the Bay, you do get a nice afternoon breeze. However, if you are like me and sweat through the afternoon sun, the welcome breeze did make me cold as it got later in the afternoon. My advice would be to bring layers for an afternoon or evening game.

– Ladies rejoice! I did not have to wait in one single line to use the restroom and you can imagine how many times this nine months preggers lady had to use the facilities. They were clean and spacious, and the toilet paper was plush! Ha. Just an observation, but an important one, as so many places have cheap, paper-thin paper. No worries at this stadium!

– There are many food options, but the lines can be long. Be prepared to miss the start of the second half, if you plan to grab food at halftime.

– Lastly, traffic leaving the stadium is still a work in progress. This is to be expected as the stadium and event coordinators are still working through traffic patterns, so patience is required. Alternatively, check out the stadium exhibits or restaurants after the game, then leisurely make your way to your car once traffic clears out.

Overall, I liked our seats and the experience was worth the cost of the pricey tickets. It looks like there is not a bad seat in the stadium and the halftime show and entertainment was also amusing. There was great energy and excitement in the crowd, and I would definitely return to Levi’s Stadium. Now I am looking forward to Sunday’s game against the Chiefs! Go Niners!

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