Happy Birthday My Little Doodle Bug

Happy Birthday little fur-baby. We have called her our Doodle Bug since she was little. We have two Schnoodles, which is a mix of Schnauzer and Mini Poodle. These dogs have big personalities for their little bodies and continue to entertain me daily. Schnauzers are also known to be “talkers” in that they almost speak back to you. No, I cannot understand what they are saying, but it is so cute to hear these two try to speak with me. My little Doodle is a very sweet dog, enjoys long naps, and loves to cuddle. She was also easy to train and can do a number of impressive tricks.

This series of photos was taken in our last rental. Although the background light is not ideal and she should not be on the chair, I love this series because she is looking right at the camera and taking a typical morning yawn.

Okay, yawn is over, see how cute I am?! Life is tough being a little dog!

IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637IMG_6644 IMG_6638 IMG_6641  

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