Chocolate Cake Kind of Day

I called our dogs to the kitchen, as I do every morning. I always give them a treat and sing them a little morning song to start their little doggy day. Anyway, our dog Winston did not come running to the kitchen. By the third time I called him, he finally came to the kitchen and I gave him his treat. He took it, but did not eat it. As all pet owners know, a dog not eating his favorite treat is the first indicator of illness.

We watched Winston throughout the day and he seemed to be in pain. His breathing was heavy and his entire body was tense. We called the vet to make an appointment and they could see him immediately. Unfortunately, I had an appointment at the same time and couldn’t go. Due to all this scheduling, I left for my appointment later than I wanted to, but I was glad they could fit Winston in. Of course, I got stuck in terrible traffic and would never make it on time.

So the entire night just felt like a disaster. I canceled last minute for my appointment, while my husband was at the vet with our sick dog, and I felt I should have been there with my family.

I could have had a breakdown sitting in that traffic worrying about Winston and missing my appointment. I felt like I had made a poor decision and should have canceled my appointment even if it was last minute to be with my family and sick dog.

Instead of overthinking things, I got off the highway and made a quick stop at one of my happy places, a specialty grocery store. I went in for a few of my favorite items and walked out with a mini chocolate cake.

Having a sick or suffering pet (same for small children) is a horrible feeling because they cannot tell you what is wrong. Luckily, Winston is on some serious medication for the next week, but the vet believes he should be fine after that. It was such a relief to hear the diagnosis after he had been tested for much worse possibilities. And we just love that little dog so much, he has many more years ahead with our family!

My husband and I shared that delicious chocolate cake when he finally returned home. One plate, two forks, and it really just made a terrible day a little bit sweeter.

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