Moving (Again)

Etsy Moving Announcement

We are less than seven weeks from moving into our new house. So while construction is ongoing, we are preparing to move for the third time in two years. We are moving west, closer to the beach, but still in the San Francisco Bay peninsula.

At this point, one would think I have little anxiety about such a move with all this experience. However, this time we are packing while caring for our baby. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed between the ongoing renovation decisions and moving preparations.  I know it is good stress though!

At the same time I am finding I am a little less tidy in my daily activities. Clean the fridge today? Why, we are moving soon? Clear off the table? No that can wait too!

Besides doing this move with a baby, two are things are very different this time. First of all, we are not moving most of our furniture. Secondly, most of our stuff is already in boxes ready to go! We just need to pack up the kitchen, the bathroom (my least favorite!), our clothes, and the entire nursery.

We moved our sofas, dining furniture, and bedroom sets from the east coast and between apartments here.  This time we are carefully editing and we will sell or donate furniture.

We want this to be a “grown-up” house and make it a beautiful space for our family. We want furniture that fits with the style of the home and is appropriate for the space. This is our first time living near the beach and we are excited about the beach cottage look we are designing.

We are actually measuring and planning out the pieces that would look best and fit well in the house. In the past, we were not able to do this because it is costly and doesn’t make sense if you are renting to invest in new furniture. I am beyond excited about this decision and I know it will be a combination of our joint tastes, making a lovely space we will enjoy for years to come.

Here is a helpful diagram and checklist to help prepare for your next move!

Above – Etsy Moving Announcement & cute other options by Mallory Hope Design here

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