Kitchen Countertop Selection

IMG_0069Earlier in the week I shared with you that cleaning and organizing this apartment has become less interesting to me as we get closer to moving into our new home. Well the joke is on me because we had an unexpected visitor on Wednesday and I had about 30 minutes to power clean our kitchen, dining room, and family room as it is all one big open space. Get out of my way, I was on a mission. My husband was so impressed with my speed and the outcome, but I would never want someone to walk into my home and see a mess. Lesson learned and I can assure you, I will take much better care of the new kitchen and countertops!

Throughout the process of designing our new kitchen, we had a few shopping days where we selected materials, appliances, and fixtures. Some of the shopping days included selecting own sink, faucet, cabinetry, knobs and pulls, lighting, and countertops. It can be overwhelming to make so many decisions in a day, so we split up the shopping days into three half days, which I highly recommend.

I had never really been appliance shopping and since my husband had done most of the research, we had a good idea of exactly what we wanted and it made the experience very enjoyable. My favorite shopping days though were deciding on the sink and faucet, Rohl or Kohler (stay tuned to see the finished project!), and the countertops.

I think I might have discovered a new hobby. Honestly, marble shopping was incredible. Just looking at the different slabs and colors, thinking about each particular piece and the journey it took to come to San Francisco. The particular stone and tile store I went to had slabs from all over the world and some pieces truly looked like unique sections of the Earth.

For years I knew I wanted a white kitchen and I have always loved the look of marble. I know granite and quartz are less maintenance, but I had my heart set on marble and I will just have to be more careful with my countertops. For me, I just love the veining of the marble and the delicate swirl patterns. Do your research ahead of time, decide if marble is for you and then go in feeling educated and ready to have fun! Granite and quartz are great options as well! Here are my four tips for selecting your countertops:

1. Know the amount of stone you need. Since we had plans drafted, we knew we needed three slabs.

2. Know your budget. (and then add some more!)

3. Have a color combination/tone in mind. I knew I wanted Calacatta or Carrara marble, which made it easier to focus, as there were endless options available. Explore the different bookends. Each slab has a unique pattern and color(s). Identify exactly which slabs you want to purchase so there are no surprises. We also had a similar floor sample and cabinet from our future kitchen to use against the marble (see below).

4. Know if you prefer polished or honed marble. We selected honed marble, as it is a beach house, we want a certain feel for the house and not too overly done or perfect.

Which of the three do you like best below? I cannot wait to see our completed kitchen and how it all comes together.

IMG_0077 IMG_0080_2_2 IMG_0081IMG_0078Marble Countertops

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