Celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day!

Fondue Set

One of my favorite ideas for hosting your friends over for dinner is to have fondue night. I have two vintage fondue pots from my parents that I adore. One of the sets is clearly from another time with the bright orange pot and wooden skewers. It is so easy to throw together a fondue dinner. You simply prepare all the veggies, meat, and fruit ahead of time. Wash, cut, and arrange a variety of your favorite veggies on a plate and on a separate platter have your shrimp and steak.

We always start with a bread and cheese round, then broth and veggies, and finish the main course with meat. I clear the table, put the plates in the dish washer, then prepare for our chocolate dessert round. We like to use strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pound cake, and rice crispy treats in dark chocolate!!

My husband and I love fondue so much, we have a little tradition of our own fondue night on Valentine’s Day. Fondue forces you to slow down, both in your pace of eating and in conversation. It is a romantic meal and perfect for a night in together!

I have good news friends! Today, February 5 is National Chocolate Fondue Day and I intend to celebrate!

Above photo – Cast Iron Fondue Set from Crate and Barrel

2 thoughts on “Celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day!

  1. You have inspired me to dig out the fondue set lurking at the back of one of my cupboards!! I love a fondue dinner but haven’t thought about having one in ages – my son is also lobbying for the chocolate fondue!!

    • Oh that makes me so happy Joy! I hope your son enjoyed/enjoys his first fondue experience! It is such an easy thing to prepare and is very relaxing. I love that fondue also takes time to eat & enjoy which means more time at the table with the family!

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